Two Bridgestone P&D Tires Quality for SmartWay List

A pair of Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS) tires have been added to the list of EPA SmartWay verified technology.

The R260F and T250F all-position radials, both ideal for pickup and delivery, urban and regional hauling fleets, are also California Air Resources Board compliant. The Bridgestone-branded tires are engineered to promote long tread life and low cost per mile and offer 22/32 in. tread depth.

“This is a tremendous benefit for our customers participating in SmartWay,” said Chris Hoffman, manager, TBR & retread product marketing. “Until now, most tires approved for SmartWay-certified vehicles were long-distance radials, which aren’t built for the high-scrub environments encountered by beverage hauling, package and parcel delivery, grocery, food service, and other P&D operations. Adding the R260F and R250F to the verified technology list allows SmartWay fleets to specify the right tire for the job.”

The R260F uses Bridgestone’s Equalizer Rib structures to fight irregular wear and groove-bottom platforms to enhance retreadability. The R260F also has thick protector ribs on both sidewalls to protect against curbing. Since both sidewalls are ribbed, if one set of protector ribs is worn away, the tires can be reversed on the wheel for continued protection.

Straight-line grooves promote traction. The casing incorporates four steel belts with an all-steel casing ply for long life and retreadability.

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