TTMA Convention report: TTMA engineers tackle key issues

TTMA Convention report: TTMA engineers tackle key issues

THE TTMA engineering committee addressed a variety of topics at its meeting April 7 during the TTMA convention in Palm Springs.

Engineering committee 1

“One important issue that continues to receive attention from US trailer manufacturers is the recent updates being released and developed for Mexican trailer regulations,” says Michael Daubert, TTMA engineering manager. “TTMA has been working with its Mexican counterpart to educate TTMA members on the new NOM-035 regulation that deals specifically with trailers and semi-trailers, plus NMX-D225, which deals with conspicuity tape on trailers. NMX-225 is in the process of being updated. TTMA has developed English copies of these regulations and continues to work with our members to answer questions about compliance on Mexico's highways.”

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The final rule for NOM-035, “Trailers and Semi-Trailers: Security Specifications and Test Methods”, was released in September 2010 and went into effect in November 2010. NMX-D225, “Trucks and Trailers - Conspicuity Tape Specifications and Test Methods”, is scheduled for release later this year. Both regulations strive to improve Mexican truck safety and to maintain consistency with American and Canadian regulations.

Domestically, US regulations for the trailer manufacturing industry have remained quiet recently. Major issues addressed in the past year were mainly carrier or driver focused, such as the CSA 2010 efforts, while relatively minor issues were addressed for trailer manufacturers such as finalizing the ABS brake light rule and other edits or tweaks to existing regulations.

“TTMA has responded to proposed rulemakings from the DOT about fuel efficiency (NHTSA), green house gas emissions (EPA), and fall protection (OSHA), but these rulemakings were mostly intended as a way for the industry to answer questions that the DOT had while researching and preparing their rulemakings for the future,” Daubert says. “TTMA continues to work with TMC, CVSA, ATA and other industry leaders to stay in front of potential new regulations while helping the entire industry work towards full compliance with new safety campaigns.”

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