TTMA approves, releases publications

The Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association Engineering Committee has approved and released these publications:

Revised Recommended Practices

  • RP 44-08 Air Brake Application & Release Test

  • RP 66-08 Trailer Nomenclature

Reissued Recommended Practices

  • RP 58-08 FMVSS 121 Brake Requirement for Lowbed and Specialized Trailers

  • RP 67-08 Rating of Platform Trailer Floors for Lift Truck Loading

  • RP 68-08 Urethane Foam Flammability & Safety Measures — Safety Sign/Label

  • RP 88-08 Air Suspension Application Data

Revised Technical Bulletins

  • TB #65 Wiring Diagram for Truck Trailers

  • TB #87 Loading Hanging Meat in Meat Rail Trailers

  • TB #97 Urethane Foam Flammability & Safety Measures

  • TB #112 Exhausting (Dumping) Air from One Air Suspension of a Spread Tandem Axle Trailer

Reissued Technical Bulletins

  • TB #95 Trailer Specification

The TTMA Tank Conference Engineering Committee approved and released these publications:

Reissued Recommended Practices

  • RP 24-08 Classification of Weld Finishes for Stainless Steel Tank Vehicles

  • RP 25-08 Design & Construction of Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailers

  • RP 54-08 External Work on Cargo Tank Motor Vehicles Which May Have Been in Service

  • RP 102-08 Vapor Recovery Line Configurations for DOT 407 & DOT 412 Cargo Tanks

Reissued Technical Bulletins

  • TB #76 Dry Bulk Receiving Piping Recommendations

  • TB #103 Liquid & Vapor Control During Loading/Unloading

  • TB #109 Pressure Supply Manifold for Unloading Tank Vehicles

  • TB #117 Orientation of PAF Manholes with Integral Hinged 10-Inch Fill-Style Emergency Pressure Relief Valves

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