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Trailer Wizards Selling Vanguard Trailers Coast to Coast in Canada

Trailer Wizards Ltd. has started selling Vanguard Trailers nationwide, including dealership locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and Moncton.

The addition of trailer dealerships compliments Trailer Wizards' existing operations in trailer rentals and leasing. The addition of trailer dealerships was a part of the coast-to-coast trailer strategy put into motion by President, Doug Vanderspek, in 2008.

Why Vanguard?

"They're a great North American made trailer with many standard premium features,” says Mark Diamantopoulos, Trailer Wizards' VP of Sales, "I've been in this industry for over 15 years and Vanguard Trailers are terrific value for fleets that need a solid, durable trailer with low lifecycle maintenance costs and hassles."

The new Vanguard line-up at Trailer Wizards includes dry vans, heated vans and refrigerated vans. Some trailers will be kept in stock and others will be custom-ordered to fit specific fleet needs.

"We're proudly Canadian and our goal was to build a trailer network nationwide so that a trucking company in Vancouver can go to the same people for trailer service and parts as far away as Halifax", says Vanderspek. "With the establishment of trailer dealerships, our customers can now purchase brand new trailers from the same folks they're used to leasing them from."

To support the sale of new Vanguard trailers, Trailer Wizards will also offer finance leases, warranties, maintenance and repair services, authorized parts, and a competitive trade-in program. As a nationwide trailer dealership with service locations across Canada, Trailer Wizards is uniquely positioned to offer customers seamless service with minimal disruptions and delays. With Vanguard as its main product line, Trailer Wizards will be fully stocked with authorized parts and Vanguard-certified mechanics.

Trailer Wizards Ltd. formed in 2010 as a result of the merger between Lions Gate Trailers Ltd. (founded 1963, Vancouver, BC), Provincial Trailer Rentals (founded 1964, Mississauga, ON), TIP Canada (Canadian operations date back to 1957) and other select providers that form a strategic network. Trailer Wizards is committed to "Local service ... Nationwide," bringing regional expertise and service to an organization that serves Canada coast-to-coast with 25 locations including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary Winnipeg, Mississauga, Montreal and Moncton.

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