Trailer Manufacturers Guillén, D-TEC Join Forces

Spanish trailer manufacturer Guillén Desarrollos Industriales S.L.U. and Dutch company DTEC Trailers B.V. have signed a cooperation agreement, with Guillén becoming DTEC's official representative in Spain and DTEC representing Guillén's interests in the Netherlands.

Guillén is primarily known for its canvas-covered trailers and box trailers; DTEC specializes in the development and production of container trailers.

This cooperation will allow both companies to extend their product range.

Said Gerrit van Vlastuin, general manager of DTEC, “We chose Guillén because their production methods are like ours and they look at product innovation in the same way. Customers now have a one-stop shop, a single supplier for a high-quality service network for all types of container trailers and cargo semi-trailers.”

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