Trail King Releases Modular Hydraulic Transport System

The six-line configuration of Trail King’s new Modular Hydraulic Transport System (MHTS), with a 375,000-lb load capacity, is the first off-road transport system ever engineered and manufactured exclusively in the U.S., according to Trail King.

And, although its stirrups and side plate design are engineered to be compatible for use with existing brands of line trailers, Trail King says the MHTS offers many features not found on models offered by other manufacturers.

For example, the air system, which includes drain fittings on each tank and an air dryer, features air tanks that are easily accessible for maintenance or removal and replacement.

Also, the steering arms of the MHTS are positioned over “dished” cross members so that they are more easily accessible for repositioning or replacement. And, to prevent build-up of dirt and grime that can interfere with steering arm performance or make repositioning more difficult, the steering arm mounting bosses are raised, not recessed.

The hydraulic system, which features steel hydraulic lines throughout, is driven by a 20-H.P. water-cooled diesel self-contained unit for quieter, more dependable performance. And, because it is externally mounted, the hydraulic reservoir can be larger… large enough, in fact, to allow up to 20 lines. All functions are controlled by wireless remote with wired pendant backup.

The self-locating tow bar has special notches in the tow bar plate that line up with the tops of the stirrups for perfect alignment every time, making attachment of the tow bar to the unit much more convenient. An air-activated locking system quickly, conveniently, and securely locks the tow bar in the transport position. The tow bar torsion support system delivers infinitely incremental control so the tow bar can be positioned exactly where desired, and stay there until repositioned. And, because it is low-mounted, it does not interfere with overhanging loads.

Other features and standard equipment include: a 55° maximum steering angle; a hydraulic stirrup pin for easy connect/disconnect to other lines; clearance lights, and brackets for strobe lights, flags, and wide load signs.

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