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TODCO UltraGrip a walk ramp innovation

With the UltraGrip ramp, TODCO has completely redesigned the high-traction walk ramp. Aluminum and magnesium grating has been replaced with new advanced materials: a reinforced composite fiberglass and thermoset resin structure that increases traction for surer footing.

The walking surface of the ramp's grating is chemically bonded with an aggregate of tiny quartz crystals that enhance traction. The grating is supported by a patented cross-rod design. Each lightweight bearing rod is mechanically locked and chemically bonded for greater strength and rigidity.

UltraGrip is constructed with 60% open area to allow the pass-through of precipitation, sludge, and most other materials that could hinder traction, yet provide the surface area needed for smooth hand cart operation. The entire walk ramp, from the high-visibility “safety yellow” grating to the aluminum frame, is corrosion-resistant and fire-retardant. The UltraGrip Ramp offers a 24-inch-wide working area and is available in 12', 14', and 16' lengths. A lockable storage compartment is included to help protect the walk ramp in transit.

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