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Timbren drop-down suspension Timbren

Timbren Ind designs ‘unusual’ drop-down trailer suspension

Trailer suspension specialist Timbren Industries recently highlighted its “unusual” drop-down trailer suspension.

The company designed the drop-down suspension at the request of a customer who needed a suspension that allowed the frame of a trailer built to transport toilets to lower all the way down to ground level.

“This was going to require a little more ingenuity than a simple drop axle,” Timbren said. “The suspension would have to fold away—just like the landing gear of a jet right after takeoff.”

So Timbren engineers went to work designing a suspension that folds away, allowing the trailer to touch the ground.

Timbren drop-down suspension

The company’s resulting suspension system is comprised of a frame bracket, swing bracket, Aeon hollow rubber spring, control arm and locking pin. Using the locking pin, the swing bracket can be positioned either for transit or drop-down, which folds the suspension away, allowing the trailer frame to rest on the ground.

Timbren's standard drop-down independent rubber suspension boasts a load capacity of 8,000 pounds per suspension, and a 10,000-pound version also is available, Timbren said. The system can be used with a single or tandem axle, resulting in a total of 16,000 to 20,000 pounds of load capacity.

Timbren drop-down suspension

“Because it has no cross member or axle below the frame, the trailer frame can be lowered to the ground,” Timbren said.

For more information on the Timbren drop-down commercial suspension, visit or contact customer service at [email protected].

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