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Attending the TTMA Tank Conference are left to right seated Tom Anderson LBT Inc Scott Hevelone LBT Inc Peter Weis Polar Tank Trailers LLC Daniel Tremblay Tremcar Inc Gery Conlin MidState Tank Company Ted Fick Polar Tank Trailers LLC Bryan Yielding Heil Trailer International Randall Swift Heil Trailer International Standing Denis Grossen Polar Tank Trailer LLC John Conley National Tank Truck Carriers John Freiler TTMA Randy Williams Stephens Pneumatics Inc John Cannon Brenner Tank LLC John Rust Trail King

Tank Conference writes recommendations

Attending the TTMA Tank Conference are, left to right, seated: Tom Anderson, LBT, Inc., Scott Hevelone, LBT, Inc., Peter Weis, Polar Tank Trailers LLC; Daniel Tremblay, Tremcar, Inc.; Gery Conlin, Mid-State Tank Company; Ted Fick, Polar Tank Trailers LLC; Bryan Yielding, Heil Trailer International; Randall Swift, Heil Trailer International. Standing: Denis Grossen, Polar Tank Trailer LLC; John Conley, National Tank Truck Carriers; John Freiler, TTMA; Randy Williams, Stephens Pneumatics Inc.; John Cannon, Brenner Tank LLC; John Rust, Trail King Industries; Doug Chapple, Walker Transport; and Ed Mansell and Jim Maiorana, MAC LTT.

THE Tank Conference reviewed a series of technical bulletins and recommended practices during the TTMA convention.

The committee also heard a presentation from the National Tank Truck Carriers president John Conley on several topics affecting carriers and discussed a response to recent correspondence on wetlines.

Based on the results of the meeting, the following publications are to be re-issued:

  • TB 75 - Hot Products Tank Vehicles (Bituminous and Coal Tar Products).
  • TB 101 - Corrosion of General Purpose Stainless Steel Tanks.
  • TB 123 - Vapor Recovery Retrofit of MC 307 and 312 Cargo Tanks.
  • RP No. 21-12 - Tank Vehicles in Hot Product Service.
  • RP No. 78-12 - Design of Circumferential Reinforcing Members on Carbon Steel Cargo Tanks Where Internal Thickness Testing is Precluded by Lining or Product Heel.
  • RP No. 81-12 - Performance of Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Valves on MC 306, MC 307, MC 312, DOT 407 and DOT 412 Tanks.
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