FlowBelow AeroSlider

Strick makes FlowBelow's Aeroslider factory option

FlowBelow Aero’s fuel-saving “Quick-Release” Wheel Covers and Trailer AeroSlider system will be offered as factory-installed options on Strick Trailers, FlowBelow said.

The products can be ordered for any new van trailer through the Strick dealer network, with installation completed at Strick’s manufacturing facility in Monroe IN.

“The Trailer AeroSlider provides a practical way to address the aerodynamics of the trailer tandem without sacrificing durability or accessibility,” said Justin Bell, Strick’s director of engineering and warranty.

“By offering this system to our customers, we are able to provide new and innovative options that further improve the fuel efficiency of Strick Trailers.”

FlowBelow, a supplier of aerodynamic products, said the AeroSlider is the first aerodynamic product of its kind that is mounted directly to the sliding trailer suspension and travels with the suspension. 

The AeroSlider utilizes FlowBelow’s patented “quick-release” wheel covers in combination with a fairing between the trailer wheels and aerodynamic mudflaps behind them.  Each of the components work together as a system to address the complex airflow around the trailer wheels and the wake behind the trailer. 

The system is designed to complement other trailer-mounted aerodynamic devices such as trailer skirts and tails, and offers additive fuel savings, depending on the combination of devices implemented.

The Trailer AeroSlider system recently was validated to provide fuel savings in excess of 1 percent, which is the minimum requirement for EPA SmartWay certification.

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