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Strick adds QR codes to trailer VIN tags

Strick Trailers, a manufacturer of aluminum sheet and post trailers, recently added InfoScan quick-response (QR) codes to all new trailer VIN tags.

Strick’s InfoScan technology is designed to help speed service response times and increase customer vehicle operating time. Each trailer will include a unique QR code with InfoScan technology printed on the VIN tag, which is installed on the trailer’s front panel, to enable operators to quickly connect to Strick’s website and retrieve specific trailer information.

The new VIN tag uses a proprietary printing process that makes the tag easier to read and is environmentally stable, ensuring longevity of the tag, the company said.

“When the QR code is scanned, InfoScan will connect the operator directly to Strick’s website for product and contact information,” said Justin Bell, Strick’s director of engineering.

Strick said it will add a second InfoScan QR code in early 2019 that will provide aftermarket parts support.

“Uptime is a critical component for the success of our customers’ operation,” Bell said. “InfoScan technology reduces the amount of time operators need to wait while basic vehicle data is obtained.

“Our goal is to maximize operating time on the road and reduce time on the phone or in a service bay.”


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