Stoughton Trailers makes new underride guard standard

Fresh from a successful crash test at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Stoughton Trailers announced its new rear underride guard design will be made standard equipment in the fourth quarter of 2016.
Stoughton will provide the new rear underride guard at no additional cost. In addition, the stronger guard will not increase trailer tare weight or negatively impact aerodynamics or the performance of the undercarriage and rear structure.
The patent-pending rear underride guard underwent extensive internal testing and through multiple independent testing agencies. One of those tests was performed at the IIHS facility in Ruckersville, Va. 
“After thorough testing, we are confident that this design will set the new standard for rear underride safety in our industry,” said Bob Wahlin, president and CEO. “We place such a high value on the safety of both our customers and the driving public that we have chosen to provide this improved level of safety and performance as a standard feature, at no additional cost.”
Stoughton’s new rear underride guard design includes two additional bolt-on vertical supports on the outer ends of the horizontal bar. All four supports are integrated into the bar and fastened to a robust undercarriage to strengthen the guard. The new underride guard will be available in painted carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel options.
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