Stertil-Koni adds to its line of green lifts

After the recent introduction of two eco-oriented heavy-duty lifts — SKYLIFT and ECO Lift — Stertil-Koni is expanding its line of ecologically intelligent lifts with the launch of its new ENVIROLIFT. It has more than seven features that decrease energy consumption and overall environmental impact.

Ninety-eight percent of the materials used to create the ENVIROLIFT are recyclable. This includes its nylon, steel, and, most notably, its batteries. The batteries used, also known as deep-cycle marine batteries, are known for being extremely robust, energy-efficient and 100% recyclable.

In a departure from traditional heavy-duty lift designs, the ENVIROLIFT is engineered to use the weight of the vehicle it has lifted to recharge its batteries with each lowering cycle. The lift's self-regeneration technology, resembling that used in advanced hybrid vehicles, has led to a 50% increase in total battery operating life.

While other battery-operated mobile lifts are typically able to complete around eight to 10 full lifting cycles, the ENVIROLIFT's batteries have life expectancies approximating 50 cycles (under a full load of about 72,000 lbs.).

The ENVIROLIFT also uses Panolin, a 100%-biodegradable synthetic oil. This environmentally friendly lubricant exhibits superior aging characteristics, as well as a higher resistance to oxidation.

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