What’s in Print
Scott and Connie Blackford Todco Ray and Deana Anderson TrailerBody Builders Mike and Nancy White Chris and Lisa Wolford sports chairman Kent and Susan Finkbiner tennis chairman Julius and Sheila Chambers Bill and Carol Gantz Craig and Jennifer Frohock Tom and Jackie McAfee tennis chairman

Scott and Connie Blackford, Todco; Ray and Deana Anderson, Trailer/Body Builders; Mike and Nancy White, Chris and Lisa Wolford (sports chairman); Kent and Susan Finkbiner (tennis chairman); Julius and Sheila Chambers; Bill and Carol Gantz; Craig and Jennifer Frohock; Tom and Jackie McAfee (tennis chairman).

Some friendly competition

SPORTS are an available activity at the TTMA convention once the business sessions are over — including some friendly competition in golf and tennis.

See those who volunteered to make those activities possible at the TTMA convention in the photo above.



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