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Ridge Corporation Merges with Freight Wing

Freight Wing Inc. has joined forces with Ridge Corporation, the largest manufacturer of aerodynamic side skirts for trailers, integral walls for refrigerated trailers and glass reinforced interior liners for dry freight trailers.

The addition of Freight Wing adds volume to Ridge’s existing product line and expands Ridge’s capabilities to innovate in a competitive composite market.

Sean Graham, founder and President of Freight Wing, Inc., and his team of nine join Ridge’s 88-person management and manufacturing team. Freight Wing Incorporated was founded in 2003 to provide practical fuel and emission savings through innovative improvements to semi-trailer aerodynamics. Ridge has acquired 100% of the Freight Wing stock.

Graham has worked with fleets, OEMs and various government agencies since the company’s inception to “father” the modern aerodynamic side skirt.
“What attracted me to Ridge was the opportunity to enhance the quality and performance of our side skirt though the application of the industry’s finest composite manufacturing knowhow,” said Sean Graham. “Ridge’s human capital has the knowhow to provide our existing customers improved product performance and the creative atmosphere to design and refine new fuel savings initiatives no matter what the source of fuel.”

Said Gary Grandominico, President of Ridge, “The addition of Sean will add depth to our growing company. We are pleased to add Sean’s aerodynamic engineering expertise to our company.”

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