Retriever adds helpful truck bed options

Retriever's new Lo-Rider Deck transports large equipment easily, safely, and under most overpasses. A full-width well at the front of the patent-pending Lo-Rider sits 10“ below Retriever's already low standard deck height, allowing much larger equipment to clear bridges and overpasses. Its gentle 15% grade permits easy tractor access to the forward well. By lowering the load's center of gravity, Lo-Rider increases over-the-road stability and safety.

The Lo-Rider allows equipment haulers to substitute a more maneuverable straight truck for semitrailers. Lo-Rider is an option to the patented Retriever truck bed, manufactured by Up-N-Atom LLC. The forward deck remains in a fixed, horizontal position while equipment up to 36,000 lb. is driven up the curved, hinged ramp at an approach angle of 10° to 14°. The deck's curved shape eliminates breakover damage when loading tracked equipment.

The 18T model can carry payloads up to 36,000 lb. on 24- to 28-foot beds. In addition, the main ramp section can be locked in a horizontal transport position, adding four feet of deck length when needed. Trailer hitches to 20-ton capacity and offset hitches for towing equipment are both available.

Retriever also has introduced the No Idle System, an option that permits loading and unloading of a 36,000-lb. payload with the truck engine off.

The No Idle System works in conjunction with the truck's air system. Once the compressor has filled the truck's tanks, it continues pumping until the 80-gallon No Idle System tank is filled to 120 psi, enough power to handle the loading and unloading of a 36,000-lb. payload. Under normal driving operation, it takes between four and six minutes to bring the No Idle System up to full pressure.

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