Report examines horse trailer manufacture

A report on the manufacture of horse trailers in North America is now available from (SVN), a market research consulting and business publications firm based in Modesto CA.

This study examines the industry from the standpoint of manufacturers that provide specialized light- and medium-duty (less than 26,000-lb) trailers for transporting horses. The report centers on unit and dollar shares of trailers in total, and by product type. Data generated from the research endeavor is then applied to a review of the competitive landscape, followed by market analysis covering key demand drivers, customers/channels, recent developments/trends, and the future outlook and forecast.

Some of the findings in the report are:

  • Annual production for all types of horse trailers when the research was conducted is estimated at around $713 million.

  • Smaller players tend to focus on customization for local/regional customers, while larger manufacturers have the ability to distribute products through national sales networks.

  • Trailers with living quarters are the fastest-growing product type, due to demand for enhanced comfort features.

  • Few manufacturers of horse trailers perform conversion work for living quarters in-house. Those that do are able to receive a higher sale price for their units.

  • The industry remains occupied by relatively small private companies, providing a typical backdrop for private equity buyouts; consolidations can be expected to continue.

The 131-page report, titled Horse Trailer Manufacturing in North America, is available at or by calling 209-576-8021.

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