Polar Tank Honored for Food-Grade Pneumatic Bulk Trailer Design

Polar Tank, the tank-trailer manufacturing business of Polar Corporation, has received a supplier appreciation award from ConAgra Mills for its role in the company’s innovative new production and distribution process designed to ensure the safety and integrity of ready-to-eat flour.

Polar Tank worked with ConAgra Mills to custom-design a pneumatic bulk tank trailer for its SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System, a quality-assurance program that decreases the microbiological risks associated with raw flour. The trailer has features that maximize payload capacity, reduce potential microbiological hotspots, and make it easier to wash and sanitize the vehicle to the program’s strict standards.

“We engineered every aspect of these pneumatic bulk tank trailers to optimize food safety,” said Ted J. Fick, president and CEO of Polar Corporation. “It’s gratifying that ConAgra Mills would recognize Polar’s contribution to the success of the SafeGuard system.”

Based in Omaha, ConAgra Mills supplies premium multi-use flours and whole grains to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries. It provides ingredients delivered by bulk tankers, rail cars, totes, or 50-pound bags. The SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System is considered the gold standard and only option for delivering safe, functional, high-quality flour in bulk.

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