STEMCO TrailerTail

PepsiCo updating trailers with STEMCO's TrailerTail, EcoSkirt

PepsiCo plans to update 1,600 trailers in the company’s fleet with STEMCO Products’ TrailerTail and EcoSkirt equipment.

Through this initiative, PepsiCo aims to improve the fuel economy of its fleet of trucks and trailers and make less of an impact on the environment, STEMCO said.

“These trailer skirts and TrailerTail will help us support PepsiCo’s 2025 Performance with Purpose agenda, specifically the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent,” said Keshav Sondhi, PepsiCo’s director of fleet engineering and sustainability.

“This investment in our fleet helps us ensure that we are reducing our impact on the environment while also getting our products into our customers hands as efficiently as possible.”

The STEMCO TrailerTail Trident is SAE-certified to deliver 5.09-percent fuel efficiency gains at 65 mph, based on SAE Type II testing, and is validated by the U.S. EPA. It also improves safety by helping stabilize trailers, reduce road spray and improve visibility for the driver.

To further improve fuel efficiency, the STEMCO EcoSkirt reduces drag under the trailer where air hits the trailer’s rear axles. By combining EcoSkirt with the  TrailerTail, fleets can achieve 8-12 percent fuel savings.

“We appreciate PepsiCo’s commitment to fuel efficiency, and we’re honored to help them achieve their goals,” said Drake Piper, STEMCO’s vice president/general manager for Innovative Tire and Mileage Solutions (ITMS), with products including aerodynamic devices, tire pressure monitoring and automatic tire inflation.

“As we partner with PepsiCo, we have been impressed with their desire to improve the environment. We also expect this partnership to successfully increase PepsiCo’s efficiency and optimize their fleet operations.”


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