Nothegger Relies On 30 New Kögel Cargo Rail Trailers

Nothegger Transport Logistik GmbH is including 30 new Kögel Cargo Rail trailers into its fleet, thus putting 31 million road miles a year on rail and reducing CO2 emission by 40,000 tons.

The chassis frame reinforced to withstand multi-model traffic has been fitted with a coupling plate with 2" kingpins in conformity with German standard DIN 74080 / ISO 337.The gripper tarpaulin protection made of aramide fabric and a foldable under-run guard make the Cargo Rail loadable to railway systems.

Kögel Cargo Rail has been designed for loading to pocket wagon of type 1a.Thus, it can be used flexibly on all conventional railway transport wagons, such as T2000, Mega 2, T3000, Twin, T5 and T 4.2. A raised center distance permits loading by crane. Like all Kögel vehicles, the entire vehicle frame of Kögel Cargo Rail is also protected against corrosion permanently by dip-paint coat (KTL) nano ceramic coating technique and subsequent paint finish.

Given a robust chassis with an empty weight as from 6,680 kg, the rail-loadable cargo still has generous payload reserves. The technically feasible fifth wheel load on Nothegger trailers amounts to 33,000 pounds and the permissible overall weight for type approval in Austria is 72,000 pounds. All-in-all the vehicle has a total length of 45 feet and a width of 8 feet.

“For many years already we have been loyal customers of Kögel, as we have a very high opinion of the quality supplied. For this reason, it was clear to us right from the beginning that we would use Kögel trailers for the expansion of our fleet,” says Karl Nothegger Jr, managing director of Nothegger Transport Logistik GmbH.

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