Next Generation of Ox SuperDumps Unveiled

TBEI unveiled its next generation of Ox SuperDump at the 2012 World of Asphalt Show in Charlotte, NC, featuring four-, six- or seven-axle configurations increasing payloads up to 25 tons and 80,000 GVWR (in most states).

With the multiple-axle configurations, the Ox SuperDump distributes the weight over a much longer area, meeting payload restrictions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The benefit of the Ox Super Dump design is an increased load, resulting in lower operation costs. The Silent Drive Maxle air-suspension trailing axle is designed to carry the extra weight of the payload and ensure a smooth ride with superb stability and handling, resulting in larger loads with fewer trucks, fewer operators, greater fuel savings and maximized profit potential.

The Ox SuperDump is also available with a wide range of time-saving, productivity-enhancing options, including air retractable mud flaps, on-board weight scales, non-stick liners, a variety of tarp systems, aluminum or poly fenders and cab shield options.

TBEI is a national and international designer, manufacturer and installer of medium and heavy-duty dump bodies, platforms, and related truck body accessories. The Ox Bodies brand is the flagship brand of TBEI focused on Class 8 applications, with production facilities in Alabama and Minnesota.

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