Newest Utility dry van has foam core wall

Utility Trailer has added a composite foam core to the sidewall of its 4000D-X dry freight van. A 3/8-inch thick core of polyurethane foam structurally bonds the interior lining panel to the outside skin panels. This .019-inch thick 80,000-psi yield strength galvanized steel interior lining panel is also squeeze-riveted to the outer skin and the side posts on 24-inch centers to form the Snag Free wall system. This also provides vertical logistic posts on 24" centers.

The result is the 4000D-X Composite, which is designed to compete with the composite plate design that tends to be heavier because of a polyethylene core sidewall. The new design also includes “the industry's strongest 27" deep integrated threshold plate”, according to Craig Bennett, executive VP sales and marketing. The interior sidewall panel also has a full-length, one-piece 12"-high galvanized steel wearband for impact protection.

Interior width is 101 inches. An option on the show trailer was a core bonding foam ¾" thick, producing an inside load width of 100 inches. It also had roofbow protection using a full-width ceiling sheet of .040" Versitex from U.S. Liner Co., thus adding some dead air space below the .075" translucent Kemlite ETR.

With a “lifetime” stainless steel rear frame and riveted sidewall panels, the new design is both durable and easily repaired using standard industry repair and maintenance practices, says Bennett. “Grocery fleets tend to like this design.”

Utility factories started producing this 2010 model-year trailer, the 4000D-X Composite, in January.

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