More than 11000 visitors viewed truck and trailer related equipment at this yearrsquos WasteExpo held at New Orleans Convention Center

More than 11,000 visitors viewed truck and trailer related equipment at this year’s WasteExpo held at New Orleans Convention Center.

New trucks, bodies, equipment, and trailers seen at WasteExpo

Truck bodies, trailers, and equipment were among the more than 550 exhibiting companies that displayed their latest products at the recent WasteExpo held in New Orleans.

Truck bodies, trailers, and equipment were among the more than 550 exhibiting companies that displayed their latest products at the recent WasteExpo held in New Orleans.

For 45 years, WasteExpo has been North America’s largest solid waste and recycling tradeshow serving both the private and public sectors. Here is a sample of what the 11,000 visitors saw:

Truck of the future. Parker promoted this vehicle’s new technology—the company’s RunWise advanced series hybrid drive. Introduced in 2010, the drive system is designed especially for trucks that operate in stop and go conditions such as those seen in refuse service. It is built around a special transmission that uses both mechanical power from an engine and hydraulic power that is stored in a high-pressure accumulator. The pressure is used to help accelerate the vehicle. Once the truck reaches 45 mph, the driveshaft connects directly with the engine to power the truck. A bent axis pump/motor supplies the pressure the accumulator. The system also uses energy captured by the act of braking to help recharge the accumulator. The result is reduced fuel consumption and extended brake life, according to Parker Hannifin’s Hybrid Drive Systems Division, Columbus OH.


Sliding jib hooklift. Stellar Industries introduced its Slider20-S hooklift. This new 20,000-pound capacity sliding-jib hooklift can handle container variations of 10’ to 14’ and up to 16’ flatbeds. It has a maximum dump angle of 72-degrees.

Hook height options for the Slider20-S include a fixed 35.63”, a fixed 54”, or a hydraulically adjustable 35.63” to 54” hook height. Adjusting the hook height to accommodate varying container heights can be done in less than seven seconds without ever leaving the cab.

The Slider20-S is compatible with a multitude of bodies and containers, including those used on competitive brand hooklifts.


New container hoist. The Palfinger ARG 60-22 is a hoist rated at 60,000 pounds. A single reeving cylinder helps reduce cycle times. The hoist is between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds lighter than previous models, the company says. By operating at higher pressures (3,000 psi), a smaller cylinder can be used. Fixed-length cable is easy to replace.


Reasonable substitute. Benlee is touting its Super Mini Trailer as an option to a dedicated roll-off truck. A short (36-ft) trailer with tractor is capable of hauling a range of boxes, with capacities ranging from 20 to more than 40 cubic yards, the company says—all with a significantly tighter turning radius when compared with a three-axle truck. The Supermini model shown here has a tare weight of 12,000 pounds.


Sealed up tight. Titan Trailers of Delhi, Ontario, Canada, has made a series of upgrades to its trailers targeted for the recycling industry. In particular, the tailgate has been modified so that the seal is tight—but the seal itself is tucked away so that it has less exposure to wear. The company also is offering aluminum liners for heavy-duty applications.


Open gates. The Pak-Mor RBS is a smaller rear loader that is ideal for serving gated communities, missed stops, and alleys. It comes standard with automatic tailgate locks, streetside body access door, and curbside rear driver signal. It is available in three models with capacities up to 10 cu yd.


Tree hugger. The new commercial side loader from Kann Manufacturing is so named because of its lower profile helps it slip under tree limbs and other overhead obstacles. It has a 14-second cycle time, typically fast enough to be ready for the next stop. While fast, it waits for the blade to get into position before cycling again. It packs between 600 and 800 pounds per cubic yard.


Lightning Loader. Petersen Industries displayed this TBH heavy duty body that is loaded by the company’s Lightning Loader grappling crane. The body is offered with capacities ranging from 24 to 45 cubic yards.



Packing with gas. One of several alternatively fueled refuse trucks at WasteExpo was this Hercules CNG automated side loader from E-Z Pack Manufacturing, Cynthiana, Kentucky. Fuel tanks are protected inside the tailgate away from obstructions. Up to 1,000 diesel gallon equivalent capacity is available.


Keeping it clean. A new cabover chassis for street sweeper and small refuse collection operations is now available from Refuse Trucks Inc. The chassis features dual drive, a choice of diesel or CNG engines, International’s Diamond Logic electrical systems. Sweeper chassis are available in wheelbases starting as 126” (96” C/A), with refuse truck wheelbases starting at 152”d(120” C/A).


Mack touted its lineup of CNG chassis for refuse applications.   ♦






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