New officers, new RPs From tank committee

TTMA's Tank Executive Committee elected new officers and approved a series of recommended practices for tank manufacturers during the TTMA convention.

In addition, John Conley with the National Tank Truck Carriers provided an update on wetlines and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration government regulatory issues. This topic will be discussed further during a teleconference in June and at meetings to be held in September.

Tank Conference officers and directors for the 2010-2012 will be Greg Hewitt, Heil Trailers International, chairman; Daniel Tremblay, Tremcar, vice-chairman, and directors Randy Arlt, Polar Tank Trailers LLC; John Cannon, Brenner Tank LLC; and Grant Smith, West-Mark.

The recommended practices and technical bulletins, approved at an April 23 meeting of the TTMA board of directors addressed bottom loading MC 306 and DOT 406 cargo tanks, cargo tank vehicle usage, tractor air supplies for pneumatic trailers, inspection of reinforcing members on lined MC 312 and DOT 412 vessels, operation of typical vapor recovery lines on DOT 407 and DOT 412 cargo tanks.

The following publications are to be re-issued: RP No. 57-10 Avoid Placement of Girth Seams (Circumferential Joints) in Voids on Self Supporting Tanks; RP No. 61-10 Performance of Manhole and/or Fill Opening Assemblies on MC 306, DOT 406, Non-ASME MC 312 and Non-ASME DOT 412 Cargo Tanks; RP NO. 73-10 Static Grounding or Bonding of Flammable Liquid Tank Trailers, RP NO. 77-10 Baffle Emergency Drain Cut Outs for Cargo Tanks; RP No. 98-10 Cargo Tank to Truck Chassis Attachment; TB No. 61 Preheating of General Purpose Chemical Tanks; and TB No. 118 Transportation of Liquid Food Products.

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