Modular power delivery, lighting system

Grote Industries has developed a totally modular power delivery and lighting system, complete from nose box to taillight. The Ultra-Blue-Seal (UBS) harness system, paired with the new Ultra-Nose-Box receptacle and Grote's lighting products, provides an electrical and lighting platform for trailers.

The Ultra-Nose-Box solves the problem of cracked, corroded, and crowded electrical junction boxes. It has double the standard number of pin connections, a push-on plug function, a glass-filled nylon housing, insert-molded pins that seal out moisture and corrosive materials, and replaceable parts.

A modular harness system, UBS offers superior connection sealing characteristics, configuration flexibility, and expansion capacity. It protects against weather, dirt, and corrosion. Grote's patented double seal technology features dual sealing rings that give twice the sealing power.

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