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Manac opens new Sales, Parts, and Service Center

Canadian semi-trailer manufacturer Manac has opened a new Sales, Parts and Service Center to enhance its presence in the Montreal West Island. Strategically located alongside highways 20 and 40, the Sales office opened Monday, Dec. 4,  and the parts and service departments will open in February of 2018.

"The addition of a Sales, Parts and Service Center in this strategic area, is not only in response to our clientele's needs for proximity and availability in the West Island, but also to serve our numerous customers who travel through the Greater Montreal area." said Luc St-Jacques, general sales manager for Quebec.

The new location will include a sales team, a yard to hold about 100 semi-trailers and a service repair shop with parts distribution.

“The new branch will create jobs in the Dorval area and Manac is actively looking for new team members, including semi-trailer mechanics, parts clerks, and supervisors," St-Jacques added.

Manac is the largest manufacturer of trailers in Canada and a leader in the manufacturing of specialty trailers in North America. Manac offers a wide range of vans, flatbeds and specialty trailers such as dumps, low beds, grain hoppers, chassis, chip and logging trailers, all of which are sold in Canada and the U.S. under the brands Manac, CPS, Peerless, Darkwing, UltraPlate, Ultravan, and Liddell Canada. 

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