MAC provides all-aluminum extendable

After years of market research, testing, and development, the MAC Trailer design team stretched the envelope and the result was an all-aluminum extendable.

Jim Maiorana, executive vice president of MAC, said, “Many trucking companies that run steel telescoping trailers approached us wanting an extendable trailer that could be used for the long beam self-supporting loads, but still be lightweight enough when collapsed for profitable backhauls.”

The trailer with a tare weight under 13,500 pounds provides a 3,500- to 4,000-pound weight savings over a traditional steel extendable. Length is 48' collapsed, 80' extended, and the trailer has a patented locking mechanism with opening positions on 6' increments. Rating is 70,000 lbs. for self-supporting loads; 60,000 concentrated in 4'.

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