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Landoll Offering Arctic Hose Package

Landoll Corporation has introduced a new option for customers that will be operating in the extreme weather conditions of northern Canada and Alaska. The new “Arctic Hose Package” may be installed on the full line of Landoll’s Traveling Axle trailers.

The arctic hose package has a distinct advantage on any trailer that may be working in extreme cold conditions of -20°F to -40°F. Landoll trailers have standard components that operate in conditions down to -20°. When working in areas that are consistently below that temperature, Landoll recommends the all new “Arctic Hose Package option”.

Special air and hydraulic lines are installed that have operating ranges down to -40°F. The arctic hose package also includes special grease that operates well down to -58°F and has pump-ability to -22°F.

Two items that do not change are the standard E-Chain that is rated to -40°F while the hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic cylinders has a rating of -30°F.

Many oil field related activities are operating year round in the northern winter belt where temperature swings are very severe.

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