Kogel Receives Order for Cargo Strong Trailers

Ludwig Eichelmann GmbH, through Kögel's long-time business partner, Leckert Fahrzeughandel GmbH of Bamberg, has purchased four Kögel Cargo Strong trailers with specialized equipment for the safe transport of stone slabs.

The Kögel Cargo Strong is designed for the transport of heavy cargoes under extreme conditions. An especially firm slide plate and optimally designed loading segments ensure a robust construction and excellent load-carrying capabilities. Through these features the trailer can withstand substantially higher spot loads than standard trailers. The Cargo Strong has a sliding roof for complete loading and unloading from the front to the rear.

In the Kögel Cargo Strong's chassis there are a total of five pairs of angled stake pockets designed to receive A-form steel supports in the floor. Each pair of A-form supports represents a separate system for the transport of stone slabs with an equalized maximum weight of 16 tonnes on the two sides. The firm fixation of the two stakes in each A-form support in the stake pockets and at their heads is achieved using a connection mechanism. For optimal lateral load-securing, the A-form supports can be supplemented with a tension strap, one on each exposed side per stake.

For normal pallet-based transport, the A-form supports can also be used as additional partition walls. It is thus possible, even with 33 pallets, to load using form locking on anti-slip mats with the help of two partition walls and without any additional means of securing the load.

There are 13 pairs of lashing rings, each with 4,000 kg of tensile strength, fitted to the Vario-Fix steel outer frame. Eichelmann has decided to fit an additional eleven pairs of lashing rings, to ensure the highest possible level of transport safety. For lateral unloading of the rough stone slabs using a forklift – as with mega trailers – a lifting roof has been fitted.

"With this unique Kögel solution it is possible to achieve the maximum level of load security for stone slabs", says Erich Eichelmann, Managing Director of Eichelmann. "With the four new Kögel Cargo Strong trailers we can make a contribution to increased transport safety and can guarantee the damage-free transport of this valuable cargo."

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