Kalyn Siebert makes Air-Weigh standard

Kalyn Siebert, a subsidiary of Heil Trailer International, has made the Air-Weigh trailer scale standard on its heavy-haul-trailers.

All Kalyn Siebert heavy-haul trailers will include a factory-installed Air-Weigh trailer scale with an LED overweight warning light. When adjusting the suspension slider, drivers can use the warning light to tell when the load is properly distributed over the axles. In addition to saving time during the loading process, Air-Weigh on-board scales eliminate the need for weighing at an in-ground scale. Drivers will reduce or eliminate in-ground scale fees, reduce out-of-route miles driving to the in-ground scale, and increase the productive portion of hours of service.

The Air-Weigh on-board trailer scale shows actual on-the-ground trailer axle weight on a convenient backlit digital display. The trailer scale can be used by itself or with an Air-Weigh on-board tractor scale to display all of the tractor-trailer axle weights and GVW.

Visit www.air-weigh for more details.

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