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VersaDECK trailer Kalyn Siebert

Kalyn Siebert introduces VersaDECK oilfield trailer

Heavy-duty trailer manufacturer Kalyn Siebert recently commenced production of the VersaDECK trailer for oilfield and other industry applications.

The VersaDECK is a 40-ton, two-axle, 48-foot step-deck trailer designed for hauling any brand sandbox (Arrows Up, PropX, Sandbox and others based on their design) around oilfield locations. Like the VersaMAXX and VersaMAXX-EXT, the VersaDECK is designed for versatility, allowing configuration for general freight, cargo, oilfield pipe and other applications. 

“We are excited to introduce the VersaDECK trailer and further strengthen our portfolio of oilfield equipment,” said Jake Radish, Kalyn Siebert president. “The VersaDECK exemplifies our continued focus on designing products around our customers’ needs that deliver the greatest versatility.”

Kalyn Siebert said all its trailers, including the VersaDECK, are engineered to deliver maximum strength at low tare weights, low maintenance costs, long service life and a high return on investment. The field-tested trailer is structurally designed to withstand offroad drill site usage without sacrificing tare weight. 

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