Kögel Unveils Premium Refrigerated Box Trailer

Kögel released the newly designed Kögel Cool at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012 Fair—a premium refrigerated box trailer adapted to the market requirements of the fresh and deep-frozen food sector, with various options that also render it suitable for general use.

The trailer can significantly reduce the expensive empty trips that carriers have to cope with. Benefits include lower tare weight, improved cool air circulation, thicker insulation and fewer empty drives.

The new Kögel Cool has a tare weight from as little as 7,390 kilograms. Intelligent integration of the frame into the floor makes the new refrigerated box approximately 250 kilograms lighter than most of the refrigerated box semi-trailers on the market.

The newly developed low-noise aluminium floor reduces the ground noise during loading and unloading to the previous model by 10 decibels (dB). By reducing the noise, emissions deliveries early in the morning or late in the evening are simplified.

The hollow chamber frame profile in the floor allowed Kögel engineers to introduce loading and unloading systems as well as fastening options. The new Kögel Cool can therefore not only transport refrigerated goods, but also paper rolls and many other goods. Empty trips that are common in the refrigerated goods sector can therefore be significantly reduced.

The new premium refrigerated box also has a welded aluminium tray for improved hygiene and simpler cleaning options in the floor area. The aluminium tray prevents penetration of humidity into the carrying structures, which clearly increases the life span and the economic efficiency of the refrigerated trailer. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) requirements for safeguarding consumer health with regard to temperature-controlled food transports in international goods traffic are obviously met.

The box body contains high-quality, 100 percent CFC-free, newly developed and highly insulating special foam polymer. The robust and easy-to-clean steel top layer is also coated with a hard PVC film on the inside. The walls have a thickness of 45 or 65 millimetres, the roof has a thickness of 85 millimetres and the floor has a thickness of 125 millimetres. They are made in-house and ensure a clearly improved thermal transmission coefficient (K-value). This efficient protection against temperature effects reduces the energy consumption and simultaneously saves costs.

The new constructive integration of the frame into the floor provides 50 millimetres more space, which benefits the insulation and the interior height. 30 millimetres benefits the floor and roof isolation.
The increased internal height - now 2,670 millimetres - also helps to save energy. An additional 20 millimetres permit better circulation of the cooling air in the internal area and ensure a more even temperature distribution. The improved internal height also helps Scandinavian customers: the additional evaporator, which is often installed in these countries, no longer leads to a severe restriction of the loading height.

The Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality can be optionally equipped with a Kögel CLIMATEX air cooling system. CLIMATEX consists of a specially shaped and perforated air-ducting plate on the front wall, together with a patented air-ducting tarpaulin. The aluminium sheet at the front wall is chamfered on the sides provided with recesses. It serves as a bumping protection and spacer for the front wall and ensures a focused reflux air supply in the front part of the vehicle. On the other hand, together with the air-ducting tarpaulin on the roof, it prevents the cooled air emitted by the cooler from being immediately drawn in again and rendering the cooling system ineffective.

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