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Kögel Unveils New Three-Axle Flatbed Semi-Trailer

Kögel’s new three-axle flatbed semi-trailer has an offset plateau, high tapered bed, and low tare weight, making it ideal for transporting diggers, wheeled loaders, construction machines, and heavy implements.

Thanks to a moveable king pin, the flat-bed trailer is perfect for 2- and 3-axle tractor units.

High-strength fine-grained steel and full-width IPE cross beams guarantee extremely stable main frame and external frame. The manually lowerable, air-suspended rear axle assembly ensures enhanced drive-up convenience. The standard bevelled edge at the rear represents a further advantage that leads to a lower loading height and a flat drive-up angle of 10°.

For use on building sites where there is a shortage of space, the three-axle flat-bed semi-trailer is also available with an optional articulated self-steering axle. In addition, the high floor is secured all round by 16-inch foldable drop sides. Where necessary the drop sides can be removed quickly and easily without the need for tools. The drop sides can be stored in a covered storage box.

Especially for the transport of tall wheeled cargoes, 2 x 2 wheel recesses are also available as an option – one pair on the low floor and one pair between the second and third axles – they include covers and an integrated closing mechanism.

An optional 10-foot package equips the flatbed semi-trailer to deal with challenging cargoes requiring extra-wide loads. Also provided are foldable cantilevers and wooden planking on the flatbed and tapered floors, as well as extendible red and white retro-reflective warning panels at front and rear and rotating warning lights.

To ensure adequate load securing, five standard pairs of stake pockets are positioned on the flatbed, as well as another five pairs of lashing rings sunk into the bridge floor, with 22,000 lbs of tensile force per ring. Recessed into the high floor are two pairs of lashing rings, with 6,000 13,200 lbs of tensile force per ring, and in the external frame there are three further pairs of lashing rings, with 6,600 lbs kg of tensile strength on each ring.

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