Kögel Hybrid Quick-Opening Mechanism Wins Trailer Innovation Award

Kögel Hybrid Quick-Opening Mechanism Wins Trailer Innovation Award

Kögel’s new hybrid quick-opening mechanism received the most important international award, "Trailer Innovation 2013," in the supreme discipline "body" at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, Germany.

This prize promotes outstanding ideas and new products in the trailer and bodywork sectors.

The Jury considered that the Kögel hybrid quick-opening mechanism sets new standards in the area of pneumatic tarpaulin fastening. With its intelligent combination of frame and closing technology, the system allows reduction of handling time for opening and closing. In comparison with the conventional closing system of a trailer with DIN EN 12642 Code XL certification, the closing and opening times of the side tarpaulins are reduced considerably. The driver and the transport company are thus able to meet the requirements of the automotive and beverage industries for shorter loading times.

Engineering skill at Kögel makes this possible in less than 30 seconds – drawing the tarpaulin, tensioning with the winding shaft and the locking points close automatically via rotary switch. Opening is achieved in 36 seconds and takes place in reverse order—just the winding shaft needs to be released before actuating the switch.

Kögel relies on 19 clamping units per side, for better sealing between the framework and the tarpaulin, in contrast to the competition. The hooks are standard commercial components. Kögel is therefore offering a hybrid concept: Opening and closing possible both pneumatically and conventionally.

In addition, for partial loading and unloading, the front and rear sections can be opened simply by hand in the normal way. Also, this means that a de-coupled trailer with de-pressurized air receiver remains available for use. Kögel uses a standard tarpaulin for the new hybrid quick-opening mechanism. This takes up only 1.90 meters in the closed condition. This means that the Kögel Cargo Trailer with quick-opening mechanism has a through-loading width of over 11 meters.

The new Kögel quick-opening mechanism is also certified in accordance with DIN EN-12642 Code XL, including for beverages. With form-locked loads this means that additional load-securing is unnecessary, and this saves time as well. For use in the automotive sector, the Kögel hybrid quick-opening mechanism meets the requirements of the Daimler Guideline for load-securing 9.5.

"This recognition is the proof that we have achieved our highest objective in the development of the hybrid quick-opening mechanism", says Thomas Eschey, Managing Director for Technology and Production at Kögel. "That objective is to substantially increase transport efficiency and thus provide lasting added value to the forwarding business."

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