Kögel, ArvinMeritor Unveil Trailer Axle System

Kögel, together with the global market leader for axle and braking systems, ArvinMeritor, will be presenting the new "Kögel TRAX" trailer axle system at the Transport Logistics trade fair in Munich in June 2007.

The axle has been jointly developed according to Kögel specifications and corresponds to the high requirements placed on all Kögel components and systems: it meets the highest industry standards as well as reaching or exceeding all comparable competitor's products regarding all relevant characteristics such as a low level of wear, maintenance-free operations, high braking performance and low weight.

Kögel manufactures the new axle system at a specially installed production and assembly facility in the main plant in Burtenbach near Augsburg. Kögel offers the TRAX axle system without any surcharge for all semi-trailers in the MAXX product range. If requested, customers continue to have the option of equipping their vehicles as has been the case with premium axles from BPW, SAF and Daimler Chrysler.

Thanks to the worldwide network of ArvinMeritor´s development expertise and the trailer know-how of Kögel, the two partners have succeeded in creating a new trailer axle system which combines all the advantages of the very latest technology in one system.

Immediately at the first glance, the unusual form of the trailing arm stands out which guides the axle in a longitudinal direction and connects it to the vehicle. During the development stage, engineers modeled the design on nature itself and determined the optimal form and material thickness according to the respective operational demands by means of complex finite element calculations. At the same time they searched hard to find the most suitable materials and production process for the manufacture of this new trailing arm. This type of construction is known in the industry as bionic design. This free-form design engineering using steel casting technology ensures not only a low dead weight but also an extremely long life cycle of the axle.

In the process, precision-welding robots securely connect the cast components of the trailing arm to the axle tube resulting in a maintenance-free fitting. In combination with subsequent zinc phosphate plating and KTL painting of the surfaces, the axle is guaranteed an almost unlimited service life.

In addition, the intelligent design provides another benefit compared to all other competitors´ axles through its extremely low weight. After installation, the Kögel TRAX has a weight advantage of up to 113 kilogrammes.

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