JOST founds distribution company in Japan

JOST World GmbH, an international producer of fifth wheel couplings, telescopic landing gears, kingpins and container locks, is establishing a stronger presence in Japan with the founding of its own distribution company in Yokohama.

JOST is reacting to the growing significance and requirements of the Japanese commercial vehicle market. Until now, JOST was only active in Japan in cooperation with Yokohama Sharyo Co. Ltd. (YOKOSHA). JOST has been providing all large manufacturers of trucks and trailers in Japan with fifth wheel couplings and telescopic landing gears since 1989. In future, other products and system components from the JOST range are to complement the range available to Japanese customers.

JOST Japan is based in Yokohama. Markus Schaedlich is managing director of the new distribution company and Yasuaki Mori is head of distribution.

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