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Inspector 920 can test ABS, road stability

Lite-Check is introducing the next automated tester for trailer electronics and ABS (antilock braking systems) called the Inspector 920. With a new electronic platform, the displayed messages for circuits and ABS are faster, accurate, and more detailed on a four-line display with millivolt and milliamp readings important for precise circuit diagnostics.

Road stability control ABS codes of three major suppliers (Meritor, Haldex, and Bendix) are included in the Inspector 920 software available for immediate access during the test. A simple key stroke will display ABS type, configuration, VIN, current and stored faults, ECU voltage, trip odometer mileage, and clear the faults. The software includes the standard PLC ABS codes since 2001. Inspector 920 ABS codes can be upgraded with Lite-Check e-mail downloads by the shop technician.

The built-in 3Step ABS Process will cut ABS troubleshooting time by identifying circuit issues before spending time on chasing imaginary problems. Circuit conditions will automatically be displayed for repair, eliminating frustration and unnecessary part replacements.

Inspector 920 has a full-function remote for testing brake operation and circuit operation as with the Inspector 910B. All functions meet the TMC's Recommended Practices for brake, lights, and ABS testing.

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