IMT Boosts Dominator Mechanics Truck Family

Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT) has introduced the new Dominator CS, a lighter, mid-size addition to the Dominator family of mechanics trucks. The Dominator CS offers the strength and durability of the IMT Dominator mechanics truck in a non-crane mechanics body.

“We have added the new Dominator CS to our lineup of mechanics trucks to provide our customers with greater operational flexibility to meet their diverse service needs,” said Steve Fairbanks, IMT president. “Now customers have a service truck engineered especially for equipment maintenance applications that don’t require lift and reach capabilities.”

The Dominator CS has an 11-foot non-crane body, and is available with standard 52-inch right- and left-hand side packs or an optional 60-inch right front raised side pack. The unit features a combined right front-side pack compartment that provides greater flexibility to store oxy acetylene tanks and divider shelves or configure lube system reels. These new service trucks fill a need for customers who don’t require a full-sized mechanics truck with a crane.

Another feature of the Dominator CS is an optional, fully integrated hydraulic loadgate that makes handling and loading heavy payloads easier. The hydraulic loadgate can be outfitted with a basic platform or a tire stop and side gate for convenient handling of tires. Additional options available on the new Dominator CS include:

  • Drawers and drawer sets
  • Retractable mount for workbench vises and vise plates
  • Manual outriggers
  • Work lights
  • Air systems

Ideal for small to mid-size equipment maintenance applications, the Dominator CS mechanics truck can be outfitted with an optional telescopic crane rated for a maximum of 10,000 ft-lb (1.4 tm). The truck can utilize IMT telescopic cranes up to the 1015 model, as well as other cranes from the IMT line of electric telescopic cranes with lifting capacities from 2,000 pounds to 4,000 pounds. Operators can use the cranes to perform equipment maintenance tasks in the field such as replacing or repairing hydraulic cylinders, track components, scraper blades, hydraulic pumps, engines and transmissions, just to name a few.

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