Hutchens Unveils 9700 TWS Series

Hutchens’ 9700 Tandem Wide Spread (TWS) Series suspensions are designed to meet the needs of those who require a longer wheelbase to better distribute trailer weight, and to keep the gross trailer weight or the weight of each individual axle within lawful limits, and can be adapted or customized to virtually any type of frame.

Heavy-duty 3-leaf or 8-leaf springs are recommended for use with the 9700 TWS, and when equipped with these springs, the suspension capacity is 25,000 lbs/axle. When equipped with standard 3-leaf or 7-leaf springs, the GAWR is 22,400 lbs/axle. 9700 TWS Series suspensions are tandem axle units that have axle spacings from 53.5” – 121”, however multi-axle configurations are possible.

The 9700 TWS Series features:

  • Hangers and rockers made from light weight fabricated or cast steel
  • 1/2" wear pads in hangers and equalizers
  • Million Mile Rocker Bushing that virtually eliminates bushing fatigue and failure
  • Huck lock-bolt fastening system that is virtually maintenance-free
  • Wrapped fabricated torque arm eye-ends that prevent separation under extreme conditions
  • Lighter top plate that offers greater stability under U-bolt clamp loads
  • Improved spring seat design that efficiently transfers forces from the axle to the spring
  • Corrosion-resistant coated NEVER-SEEZ® torque arm screws allow easy adjustment for suspension alignment

Please visit or call 800.654.8824.

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