Hendrickson HTB LT suspension offered on International ProStar

Hendrickson's weight-saving HTB LT rear air suspension is now available on International ProStar trucks, Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems officials announced.

A lightweight, non-torque reactive rear air suspension, HTB LT delivers a smooth ride and low maintenance and is the lightest suspension in its class, saving up to 263 pounds compared with industry-standard 40,000-lb suspensions.

Fleets in weight-sensitive applications such as tankers, bulk haulers, and refrigerated carriers — where a pound saved is an additional pound of payload hauled — derive great benefit from HTB LT. The weight savings is attributed to its optimized design featuring parallelogram geometry, which eliminates leaf springs and reduces components for weight savings.

HTB LT's technology and componentry makes it best in class in terms of weight savings and maintenance, and the torque box system improves multi-axial stability and control.

The cross-member, frame hangers, and torque rods are efficiently designed to reduce weight while improving durability. Large, direct-acting air springs carry 100% of the vertical load, in contrast to trailing arm suspensions where vertical load is shared between air springs and leaf springs. This difference reduces vibration and harshness.

HTB LT has an efficient design. Its centrally placed frame hanger eliminates dual hangers found in a trailing arm suspension. Shock absorber mountings integrated with the torque rod further reduce complexity and part count.

For more information, visit www.hendrickson-intl.com.

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