Henderson Blackbelt a year-round helper

Henderson Manufacturing Inc. announces the introduction of its new Blackbelt body with a pure belt conveyor system. The pure belt chainless conveyor system eliminates drag chains and associated wear. It is available for trailer or tandem-axle truck mounting.

High-temperature characteristics of the 54"-wide belt make it suitable for asphalt delivery. Strength and ruggedness of the conveyor design allow hauling of rip-rap, all aggregates, dirt, and ethanol bi-products, enhancing the unit's year-round capabilities. The belt rides directly on a floor liner that is self-lubricating to reduce friction and prolong belt life without maintenance. The floor is 3/16“ AR400 to enhance impact resisting characteristics. A key design feature of the drive system is the LSBT (Load Sense Belt Tension), which adjusts tension depending on varying torque requirements.

Building up from a 54"-wide belt conveyor, the sides are sloped at a steep 73-degree angle to assure optimum load clean-out of nearly all materials, and reduced friction results in minimal abrasion to sides.

A variety of lengths for truck or trailer mounts are available, all providing 1.15-cubic-yard struck capacity per lineal foot.

Access www.henderson-mfg.com for full information.

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