Great Dane unveils Classic Truckload reefer

Great Dane Trailers debuted the Classic Truckload refrigerated trailer recently. This vehicle is enhanced by Great Dane-exclusive products such as ThermoGuard and CorroGuard, which, respectively, help extend the useful life of refrigerated trailers and combat equipment deterioration and corrosion.

Designed to meet the needs of truckload carriers, the CTL offers protection against everyday abuses of demanding operations, and low-maintenance features for extended peace of mind. Showcased on the CTL is CorroGuard with Technology by GatorHyde, Great Dane's spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomer coating applied to suspensions and support gear that provides superior long-term protection from road abrasion and corrosion.

The CTL also features Great Dane's ThermoGuard interior lining. This thermoplastic liner helps maximize the useful life of the trailer by significantly reducing thermal degradation that occurs with conventional reefer linings. ThermoGuard's construction helps allow the insulation to perform effectively year after year, extending productivity and the useful lifecycle. Plus, operational costs are reduced as the cooling unit will run less, consume less fuel, and require less maintenance.

By helping maintain insulation performance over the life of the trailer, the cooling unit will not have to work as hard each year to make up for degrading insulation performance. This advantage helps maintain excess capacity, while lowering cooling unit run-time hours and saving cooling unit fuel.

Specifically designed for an “in-stock” program, the Freedom is a combination steel and aluminum trailer that offers the advantage of getting competitive weight and price without sacrificing strength and durability. The rear crossmember is constructed of extruded aluminum to save weight and reduce maintenance costs, while reinforcements in critical stress areas provide additional strength without adding unnecessary weight to the trailer design. Two specifications are available: 12-inch crossmember spacing for extra strength in forklift operations, and 16-inch crossmembers for heavy loads where weight must be kept at a minimum.

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