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Great Dane highlights trailer telematics at Nikola World

Great Dane added a little electricity to Nikola World.

The trailer manufacturer highlighted its FleetPulse telematics system and other innovations at the Scottsdale AZ event, which championed the development of the Nikola Two Class 8 truck and other new Nikola products.

FleetPulse is the industry’s first integrated telematics solution for complete fleet protection provided by a trailer OEM, Great Dane said.

“As a company that is always looking forward and striving to develop the most innovative solutions for its customers, Great Dane was thrilled to participate in the Nikola World event,” said Chris Hammond, Great Dane’s executive vice president of sales.

“The Nikola team has an incredible vision for transforming the transportation industry, and we look forward to seeing how these technologies will help to improve efficiencies and create new opportunities for advancement.” 

Great Dane featured a 53-foot Champion Composite dry freight van at the event.

The trailer showcased the company’s FleetPulse system, which uses a series of strategically placed sensors to collect data about various aspects of the trailer, such as lights out, tire inflation, doors open/closed and more. It also featured a Wabco OptiFlow aerodynamic package for enhanced efficiency.

The system included the OptiFlow Tail, which Wabco says are proven to save up to .29 gallons of fuel per 62.1 miles traveled at highways speeds, and OptiFlow TrailerSkirts, which offer more than 5% fuel savings and are EPA SmartWay and CARB approved.

The Nikola event also featured the first glimpse of the Nikola Tre, a hydrogen fuel cell truck for the European market, Nikola WAV, a new class of electric personal watercraft, Nikola Reckless, a military all-terrain vehicle, and its NZT Off-Highway Vehicle.

The Nikola Two will be available as a hydrogen fuel cell or electric battery vehicle, Nikola said, and ready for US highways in 2022.

“We are encouraged by Nikola’s efforts to build a zero-emissions vehicle and to bring new solutions to the transportation marketplace,” Hammond said.   

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