Godwin's Snowplow Operation Taking Off

Godwin's Snowplow Operation Taking Off

Since purchasing Good Roads and moving snowplow operation to its facility in Dunn, N.C., the Godwin Group has watched snowplows take off.

Godwin has manufactured and delivered over 300 snowplows in the first 90 days of production, and is on track to match Good roads’ best year in snowplow production in the first six months of operation, based on purchase orders already in hand.

“I had mentioned earlier we were out of the gates like a race horse, but I had no idea we were riding Secretariat,” vice president Pat Godwin Jr. said. “It’s been very challenging but rewarding. We are off to a start that has caught all of us off guard, to include R.D. Manning, the former owner.

“In general, we have seen a major uptick in orders corporate wide. In this time of the industry treading water, it is refreshing to see the upward flow of orders, which is very encouraging. We look forward to what the future holds with optimism instead of dread.”

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