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Futura Trailers Super Tourer Pro Futura

Futura Trailers rolls out Super Tourer Pro vehicle transport

Futura Trailers in Auckland, New Zealand says its new Super Tourer Pro is the lightest and most versatile enclosed trailer in its class.

“Keep your asset protected while travelling with the Futura Super Tourer Pro,” the company said. “Loading and unloading your vehicle couldn’t be easier. You can lower the trailer directly from the driver’s seat using your remote control.

“Simply drive load on or off in just a few minutes, leaving the guys with their ramps in your dust.”

The Super Tourer Pro is constructed from high-quality 6005 anodized aluminium, with an “almost indestructible” front panel and high-tensile, yet flexible enclosure membranes, making the trailer light and aesthetically pleasing, Futura maintained.

The trailer also is the first enclosed low loader, the company claimed, enabling the transport of low and wide vehicles without ramps or a tilting deck. Instead, the trailer lowers to the ground with the touch of a button for “the lowest approach angle possible.”

Futura Trailers Super Tourer Pro

Durable side panels unzip and open to enable easy loading and tying down. The low approach angle onto the all-aluminum deck also means it isn’t necessary to remove parts from the car, or waste time and energy with ramps.

The sides and back tensile membranes are designed to last for years, Futura said, offering superior protection against weather and ultraviolet rays. In addition, the front, 10-milimeter thick Thermoplastic is tough, lightweight and weatherproof, and the non-stick surface is scratch resistant and easy to clean.

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Futura Trailers Super Tourer Pro

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