Four Million Gallons Of Fuel Saved By Eaton’s Hybrids

Customers using Eaton Corporation’s hybrid power systems have logged more than 100 million miles of service with their vehicles, saved more than four million gallons of fuel and cut emissions by 40,000 metric tons, Eaton says.

More than 4,500 of Eaton’s hybrid systems are in use today in everything from city and school buses to package delivery and utility trucks.

“Eaton’s leadership in hybrid power is expanding, and we’re seeing proven acceptance of hybrid technology among global truck and bus manufacturers as well as fleet owners and operators,” said Dimitri Kazarinoff, vice president and general manager of Eaton’s Hybrid Power Systems Division. “The early adopters of the technology are returning to place orders for hundreds of trucks and buses, and a record number of new customers are starting to step forward and experience the benefits of our proven technology.”

Eaton also offers a line of electric vehicle charging systems and began production of its Hydraulic Launch Assist in the fall.

UPS has become one of the big believers in Eaton systems, purchasing 130 vehicles with an Eaton hybrid system for deployment in 2011.

“Hybrid electric technology has proven itself to be effective in the field,” said Mike Britt, UPS’s director of vehicle engineering. “We are eager to receive these new Hybrids and get them on the road. Continued investment in fuel-efficient technology is a part of UPS’s overall environmental strategy.”

UPS estimates the trucks will save 66,085 gallons of fuel and 671 metric tons of emissions annually.

Among the other companies that are using Eaton hybrid systems are FedEx, Coca-Cola Enterprises and PepsiCo, all of whom use the technology in delivery vehicles; and utility companies such as Florida Power and Light.

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