Environmental Solutions Group Acquires DuaLift Product Line

Environmental Solutions Group announced it has acquired the DuaLift product line manufactured by Refuse Parts Inc. (RPI) in Iberia, OH.

The versatile DuaLift product line offers a solution for commercial waste haulers operating roll-off equipment. The acquisition includes the DuaLift, KwikLift, and LowLift designs manufactured by RPI.

“The roll-off business has essentially not changed in the last 30 years,” indicated Dick Williams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for RPI. “RPI’s product line offering addresses many of the age-old problems haulers encounter in the roll-off business daily."

The DuaLift product features a combination hook-cable lift solution with a patented telescopic cylinder design to load and unload containers. The lift offers advantages over conventional roll-offs for its versatility in hauling containers with the hook or cable attachment with a single chassis, in horizontal loading of pup trailers, and in emptying difficult-to-remove cardboard or frozen compactor loads. The KwikLift offers the same advantages as the DuaLift without the hook, delivering 50% faster load/unload cycles.

ESG has also acquired the patented LowLift product offering.

“The beauty of the LowLift,” says Williams, “is that it has the same advantages of the DuaLift product while enabling the loading and unloading of containers without raising the hoist. This makes the LowLift an ideal product where lift height is a concern, such as in height-restricted underground parking garages and apartment complexes. The unique collapsible tail on the LowLift offers a much more maneuverable unit than traditional extendable tail roll-offs.”

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