East Unveils Round-Bottom Genesis Trailer

East has combined the advantages of a square-box dump trailer with the advantages of a half-round dump trailer, and joined them together in one trailer – the newest Genesis trailer from East. So new it doesn’t even have a name yet, East will display the prototype of the new trailer at the 2010 MATS (booth no. 34035).

For quite some time East engineers have been working on an answer to customer requests for a dump trailer with a lighter tare weight, like a half-round, yet with the better handling and stable dumping characteristics of a square-box dump trailer.

The result is this hybrid (so to speak) concept – a square-box trailer with a round bottom. A durable dump trailer with the advantages of both kinds of trailers.

The newest patent pending trailer from East to carry the Genesis name offers multiple benefits:

  • Total weight in the 9,500 to 10,000 lbs. range, depending on options.
  • 2 + yards greater capacity than a traditional half-round trailer, giving you even greater payload opportunity.
  • A center-of-gravity that’s 7 + inches lower than a traditional half-round for:
    • Better cornering/better stability
    • More operational peace-of-mind
  • A stronger, more rigid body for better stability and more resistance to body twisting.
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