Diesel Use is Taking Off

Cessna’s commitment to using turbodiesel engines is a “welcome and major step in the continued recognition of the many benefits of diesel technology,” according to Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

“Cessna’s new 182 NXT turbodiesel engine is being described as a ‘game changer’ by experts in the general aviation industry,” Schaeffer said. “With its increased range, greater payload capacity and lower direct operating costs, it’s easy to see why Cessna’s new diesel powered aircraft is going to transform general aviation.”

Schaeffer said that while diesel engines are now emerging in general aviation transportation, diesel power is an established technology and industry that provides prime motive power to a diverse variety of vehicles and vessels ranging from submarines and cruise ships, to race cars and the world’s largest construction machinery.

The diesel equipment, fuels and servicing sectors collectively contribute over $480 billion annually to the U.S. economy, with significant influence on 16 sectors ranging from agriculture to wholesale trade. More than 90 percent of all global trade is moved by diesel power.

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