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Cummins Adds To Emissions Package

Cummins Engine unveiled three truck engines meeting the upcoming Euro 6 emissions standards for the European market at the IAA 2012 Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, Germany.

At the same time, company CEO & chairman Tom Linbarger introduced a nanotechnology fuel filter for high pressure fuel systems, a new waste heat recovery system and a motor/generator for hybrid truck applications.

The Euro 6 engines are the Cummins ISB4.5, ISB6.7 and ISL9. With emissions limits similar to the U.S. EPA 2010 standards, the three use diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after treatment. Unlike U.S. clean diesels, the European standard does not require onboard diagnostic (OBD) systems.

In addition to the three diesels, Cummins announced European availability of two natural gas truck engines, the ISLG and ISX12G. As in the U.S., a 15L natural gas engine will be added to the line “in a couple of year,” according to Linebarger.

The new NanoNet fuel filter removes 99.5% of impurities in a single pass without creating undue backpressure. The high performance filter is especially important for the new high pressure fuel systems required for low emissions engines, Linebarger pointed out at a Cummins press conference.

Two other emissions-related Cummins components introduced at IAA were a new generation of variable vane Rubio chargers intended to improve fuel efficiency by 3% and a “turbo waste heat expander” to help future engines recover waste heat for improved fuel economy.

The final new product announced at the show event was the Cummins Core Plus, a motor/generator unit for diesel electric hybrid applications. Sitting between the engine and transmission to provide electric motor and regenerative charging, the unit is now available for OEMs developing hybrid systems, Linebarger said.

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